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SMS News
Phase 1

Day 1

1 .  15: Access to Medical Records (Awareness)
2.  15: NORM (Awareness)
3.  60: Bloodborne pathogens (Training)
4.  60: Walking & Working Surfaces (Awareness)
5.  60: Fall protection (Training)
6.  30: Lockout / Tagout (Awareness)
7.  30: Electrical Safety (Awareness)
8.  60: Personal Protective Equipment (Training)
9.  30: Asbestos Exposure Control (Awareness)
10.  30: Benzene (Awareness)
11.  60: Atmospheric Testing (Awareness)

Day 2
12.  30: Accident Prevention Signs & Tags (Training)
13.  60: Hazard Communication (Training)
14.  30: HAZWOPER First Responder (Awareness)
15.  60: HM 126F (Awareness)
        30: HM 126F Security CBT (Training)
        60: Respiratory Protection
        90: Forklift Training
        60: SafeGulf Test Out (optional)

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The Guardian Fall Edition 2014
In this Issue
: A revolutionary new medical evacuation study by SMS Medical Director Dr. Donald Thibodaux, SMS partners with Excelerant to create the Energy Leadership Academy, the ins and outs of remote staff training, and much more!


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